UNLESS | We Care – Guidelines

YES…We can!

This EVENT is inspired by prophetic words written in 1971 by Dr. Seuss in his book- The Lorax.

“UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”


UNLESS We Care” is a revival of a Challenge JANE created a few years ago.

The goal is to focus each challenge on an ecological, environmental, or conservation-related concept.

The purpose is-

  • to inspire confidence and
  • to ease feeling discouraged or lost about how to help

Restoring Earth to better health is an especially daunting task… However, I hope participants in this challenge share a common belief that when we “care a whole lot,” our intentional actions can make problems take turns for the better.

How It Works-

UNLESS challenge ideas post on second and forth Tuesday’s of the month. They have no expiration date* .

Each topic or theme for the UNLESS We Care challenge is inspired by an earth-friendly organization, publication, group, individual, or concept.

Feel empowered and have fun as you learn, take action… and most importantly… care a whole awful lot.”

* Why no expiration date? I believe that can help to inspire longevity for the commitments we choose, and to encourage new or on-going participation. What do you think?

Create an UNLESS post then…

  1. Establish a link to your blog post. Copy the URL of your post and paste in the comments section of the challenge.
  2. Create a way for others to check out your post. Please tag your blog post “unless-we-care”
  3. Get Bi-weekly Unless We Care challenges by following my blog.
  4. Follow links to discover what others are doing and to share: likes, comments, feedback, encouragement, and/or ideas with other Earth-friendly bloggers.

The Challenges:

10/10/17     Challenge 1: Eco-Challenge Team


  1. Jane, glad to see the “Unless” series back again. Here in Cape Town it’s all about water rationing; recently installed rain harvesting tanks to alleviate council usage and hopefully to help through the dry summer months. Will check in again later this month, up to my eyeballs in a community project.


    1. Best wishes on your community project, Liz! What are you up to?
      No worries, I hope keeping all the challenges with no expiration date will be helpful.
      I’m anxious to see what kind of life this will take this time… sometimes I have difficulty keeping things simple. My goal is to try hard with that ambition…


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